Our Programmes

Weekly Lectures

JC Economics Education Centre provides weekly lessons for students who wish to improve their Economics at a comfortable pace. These lessons are meant to work hand in hand with whatever the students are learning in school, to reinforce their concepts and teach them extra skills to improve their score. They are also designed to help Economics “come alive” to instil in our students an interest in the subject.

The lesson curriculum is carefully crafted by Mr Anthony Fok himself, based on the following:

  • His teaching experience as a MOE teacher and a tutor – Pedagogy that works
  • Extensive research into what schools are teaching – Ensuring relevance
  • New guidelines set by the MOE & SEAB – Which is constantly evolving and changing

Each lesson is 1.5 hours long and students will expect to feel greatly enriched after each session. They can have their misconceptions cleared up, develop new, useful skills and appreciate the subject better. Learning resources including notes and worksheets are designed to help them keep up with the lesson. Students are constantly being challenged by tough questions requiring higher-order thinking, which they are taught to utilise consciously. Solutions are explained step-by-step to ensure crystal-clear understanding.

Our weekly Economics lectures allow our students to learn at a comfortable pace, and has been hugely successful in helping our students to improve week after week.

School Holiday Intensive Programmes

“That last sprint!”

Besides weekly lectures, we also offer school holidays intensive programmes that are skill-focused and results-oriented. They include programmes for case studies and essays.

Case Studies

Students are often constrained by time when they attempt case studies. In order to ensure that they can complete a case study within the stipulated time and write impressive answers, they require a whole set of skills, from extracts-annotating to question-analyzing. Knowing the requirements of various questions will also come in extremely handy. During an intensive programme, students learn how to tackle a case study, to utilize all of their skills and practice, practice, practice.


Essay writing is not just a regurgitation of text-book knowledge. Students need to learn how to accurately analyse the question and its demands so that they do not misread the question entirely or miss out any points. During an intensive programme, they learn how to write answers that are fluent, organized and succinct.

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