About JC Economics Tuition Centre

Our Mission

To ensure top-notch academic guidance to students by using an innovative and one-of-a-kind approach to imparting Economics concepts, skills and knowledge.

Why should I choose JC Economics Education Centre?

There are 3 main reasons:

  • All lessons are personally taught by Mr Anthony Fok, an accomplished and experienced tutor quoted as one of Singapore’s top five “super tutors” by The Sunday Times. 

  • JC Economics Education Centre is an established and widely-regarded tuition service that has earned the trust of many parents and students. It also has a good reputation in the Singapore media having been featured numerous times, be it on television or in print.

  • Economics lessons follow an innovative approach and are thus not only effective, but also dynamic and interesting!

How do I enroll my child for classes at JC Economics Education Centre?

Firstly, you can check out the available timings for lessons by first contacting us at 8251 3684 before deciding which class to turn up for. You can make payment on the first lesson itself.

Please bring along the fees for the first month of lessons, including a one-time material fee of $120 which will cover all printing expenses for materials used in class.

If you are attending a lesson that does not fall on the beginning of the month, the fees will be pro-rated based on how many lessons there are left in the month.

What Distinguishes Us

There is no doubt that students join tuition classes in the hopes of improving their grades and achieving stellar results. They will be aided in their quest for that distinction during their journey studying at JC Economics Education Centre, and they are likely to succeed. In the words of one student, echoed by many others, “Economics is not so difficult after all!”
The Programme at JC Economics Education Centre is designed to target that seemingly elusive A. Join JC Economics Education Centre today to see how that distinction can be achieved more efficiently and with less effort!

Our Students

At JC Economics Education Centre, students are not grouped according to their schools. This is to create a learning environment whereby our students from different schools can interact with and learn from each other.

Our students come from various backgrounds, hailing from all over Singapore. They come with the impetus to achieve better grades and they are often diligent individuals willing to put in the hard work. All of them are eager to learn, as displayed by the many questions they raise during and after lessons and the extra work they pass to Mr Anthony Fok to mark. With such a learning attitude coupled with the guidance of Mr Anthony Fok, they often progress quickly and see improvements on their report cards in no time.

Not only that, our students grow to become more confident individuals who are self-assured of their abilities. That is something they can benefit from for the rest of their lives as they move on to greater endeavours.

JC Economics Education Centre is extremely proud of our students, whether in terms of their stellar results or their individual growth.

How can I get in touch with JC Economics?

Via Email
You can email us at [email protected] .

Via Phone
You can ring us up directly at 8251 3684.

We will be glad to respond to any enquires you might have!