Unlocking Academic Support: Mr. Anthony Fok’s Comprehensive Assistance for GCE A-Level Students

Title: Unlocking Academic Support: Mr. Anthony Fok’s Comprehensive Assistance for GCE A-Level Students


Preparing for the GCE A-Level examinations can be a daunting task, with students often facing challenges when revising independently. Recognizing the need for round-the-clock guidance and support, Mr. Anthony Fok goes the extra mile to assist his students not only during tuition classes but also outside of the classroom. In this blog post, we will explore the various forms of assistance offered by Mr. Fok, including round-the-clock availability, marked feedback, after-class consultations, and access to extra learning resources. With Mr. Fok’s support, GCE A-Level students can enhance their learning experience and boost their chances of success.

  1. Round-The-Clock Assistance

Mr. Anthony Fok understands that doubts and questions can arise at any time during the revision process. To address this, he provides round-the-clock assistance through platforms like WhatsApp. Students can reach out to him outside of tuition hours and receive immediate guidance on their queries. This accessibility ensures that students have continuous support, eliminating worries about being limited to asking questions only during lesson time.

  1. Marked Feedback

Practice is essential for mastery, but it can be disheartening if you don’t receive feedback on your efforts. Mr. Fok offers a valuable service by helping students mark their work, including essays, case studies, and exercises from tuition classes, assessment books, or school assignments. This personalized feedback enables students to identify areas of improvement and understand their strengths and weaknesses. With Mr. Fok’s guidance, students can make their practice sessions more productive and gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

  1. After-Class Consultation

Some students may feel hesitant to ask questions during lessons due to shyness or time constraints. Mr. Anthony Fok recognizes this and offers after-class consultation sessions. This one-on-one interaction allows students to clarify concepts, seek additional explanations, and gain a deeper understanding of challenging topics. With personalized attention, students can overcome their difficulties and strengthen their grasp of the subject.

  1. Extra Resources

To support students in their learning journey, Mr. Anthony Fok provides additional resources upon request. Whether students need more practice materials or summary notes for topics they find challenging, Mr. Fok ensures they have access to a wealth of supplementary resources. These extra resources serve as valuable tools for independent study and enable students to reinforce their understanding of key concepts.


Mr. Anthony Fok’s commitment to his students extends far beyond the confines of tuition classes. By offering round-the-clock assistance, marked feedback, after-class consultations, and access to extra learning resources, he empowers GCE A-Level students to excel in their studies. With his guidance, students can overcome their doubts, refine their skills, and gain confidence in tackling the challenging GCE A-Level examinations. By making use of Mr. Fok’s comprehensive assistance, students can optimize their learning experience and increase their chances of achieving academic success.

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