About Economics Tutor

Anthony Fok is the founder of JC Economics Education Centre and a former MOE teacher with extensive experience in teaching economics. He has multiple degrees and is highly regarded as an educator in his field.

Anthony is known for his in-depth understanding of the economics syllabus and what Cambridge expects from students. He has a deep knowledge of the subject matter and is skilled at explaining complex concepts in a way that is easy for students to understand and grasp.

Aside from his extensive knowledge, Anthony is also highly regarded for his down-to-earth explanations and engaging teaching style. He ensures that his lessons are not boring or monotonous, and he uses real-world anecdotes to help his students better understand the subject matter. He is also known for his generosity with his time, often going above and beyond to help his students outside of tuition hours.

Anthony is a caring and dedicated educator who believes that every child has the potential to excel academically. He puts his heart and soul into helping his students achieve their goals and is highly valued by his students as a mentor and friend.

At JC Economics Education Centre, Anthony is committed to providing high-quality tuition that enables students to excel academically and develop a love for the subject. His learning resources are carefully crafted to help students keep up with the lessons, and he uses a variety of teaching methods to ensure that every student understands the material.

In summary, Anthony Fok is an exceptional educator with a deep passion for economics and a commitment to his students’ academic success. His expertise, dedication, and passion make him an outstanding tutor for anyone seeking to improve their understanding of economics, regardless of their academic background or skill level. Whether you are a struggling student looking to catch up or a high-achieving student looking to excel even further, Anthony is the ideal tutor for you.